bed with pillows in bedroom with built-in wardrobe remodelled by loft conversion company london
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Mansard Loft Conversions

If you’re looking for a loft conversion that will transform your loft into a super-sized stunning living space. A mansard loft conversion is the largest conversion that you can perform.

bed with pillows in bedroom with built-in wardrobe remodelled by loft conversion company london

What is a Mansard Loft Conversion?

Mansard conversions are usually built on the rear of the property. They have a horizontal roof and an almost vertical back wall at 72 degrees. The conversion has an immense amount of room and room-sized proportions. Windows are often included and installed within a box-shaped Dormer. These windows allow lots of natural light to flow in. As the windows are facing outwards they make the mansard conversion look as if it has always belonged to the house.

The different types of Mansard Loft Conversions

Different types of Mansard Loft conversions can be performed.

  • L-shaped Mansard – This creates even more space than a rear Mansard as a further room is added to the back of the home, usually above the kitchen.
  • Double Mansard – The largest loft conversion available, a double Mansard comprises a front and rear Mansard, essentially creating an entirely new storey. Double Mansards are particularly suited to period London homes.

Is my London home suitable for a Mansard loft conversion?

A Mansard loft conversion can be performed on the majority of house types, including modern and period terraced, semi-detached and detached homes. This type of loft conversion also suits a range of house styles, including Victorian and Edwardian terraced and semi-detached properties.
Mansards can also be carried out on listed buildings and properties located in London conservation areas as long as they are built to local authority planning permission and regulation guidelines.

What are the benefits of a Mansard loft conversion?

The largest benefit of a mansard loft conversion is the sheer size of the room it can create, it adds another storey to your house. The space created can be left as an open-plan design or it can be divided into rooms. The choice is yours, a master bed and ensuite, a home office with a relaxing chill room, the list is endless.
Another significant benefit is that a loft conversion will increase the value of your property significantly. A recent study found that a loft conversion could increase the value of a  London property by almost 25%!

Do I need planning permission for a Mansard loft conversion?

As you will be altering your roof structure to a 72-degree angle, it is necessary to apply for planning permission from your local council for a mansard loft conversion.

Depending on where you live there may be a specific criterion the conversion has to meet, that makes sure that it matches the character of neighbouring houses.
If you are adding a mansard loft conversion to a terraced or semi-detached property. Then your neighbours have to be informed and agree with the work you are proposing to carry out. This is because work will likely be carried out on the party wall that you share with your neighbours.

glazed wall with black elements overlooking the kitchens remodelled by loft conversion comapny London

How much does a Mansard loft conversion in London cost?

Mansard conversions are usually the most expensive loft conversion, this is because of their sheer size and all the construction work that will need to be carried out. However, it is a long-term investment that you will see a return on if you sell your house in the future.

What space can I create with a Mansard loft conversion?

There are so many choices for you with such a large living space

  •  A large master bedroom with an ensuite and a dressing room.
  •  Two children’s bedrooms and a bathroom.
  • A guest suite for friends or guests, complete with a bathroom, bedroom and living area
  • A home office or a home gym
  • A spacious recreation room for the kids
  • A large multi-functional chill-out space and a bathroom.