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Space Saving Loft Conversion Stairs – The Best Solution For Small Houses

When you decide upon a loft conversion, there are so many decisions to make, but homeowners rarely think about how they will get into their spacious new conversion! If you’ve had a loft conversion, chances are you don’t have surplus room for a large, decorative staircase leading to the loft. So it’s a good idea to research space-saving loft conversion stairs and loft stairs Ideas. Loft stars for small spaces are not only important for practical reasons but can be used as a design feature in themselves.

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How Wide Do Loft Stairs Need To Be?

There are building regulations that need to be met when installing or constructing loft stairs, whether it’s a terraced house loft conversion stairs or loft conversion stairs in a detached cottage. There is no minimum width for your loft stairs, but make sure they’re wide enough for you to use them comfortably.

Building regulations for loft staircases

  • The top of the stairs needs to be positioned at the highest part of the loft.
  • There need to be 2m of clear headroom over the stairs, although the regulations allow this to reduce to 1.8m at the lowest point if the stairs are under a sloping roof.
  • The pitch or angle of your stairs should not be more than 42°.
  • The riser of each stair (the vertical part of the stair) should be between 150mm – 220mm in height and the going (the part that you step on) needs to be at least 220mm and no more than 300mm.
  • You must include a handrail. This needs to be between 900mm and 1000mm high.
  • There should be a landing at both the bottom and top of the stairs and the width and length of these should at least be the width of the stairs.

Small Landing Space Saving Loft Conversion Stairs

There are some different types of staircases that are ideal when space is in short supply. These space-saving loft conversion stairs can be purchased pre-made, or you can have bespoke staircases made to your exact requirements and specifications.

white small landing space saving loft conversion stairs

Bespoke vs Pre- Made Loft Conversion Stairs

Pre-made loft staircases

The advantages of pre-made stairs to the loft are varied. Firstly, they are more economical compared to a bespoke loft staircase. Naturally, a bespoke loft staircase is more expensive than a pre-made one. Although pre-made loft conversion stairs are not completely ready-made. They have to be customised to the pitch, height, depth and the number of treads that are required. A second advantage is that these can be customised and installed quickly. There are varied stylish designs on offer, so having a tight budget doesn’t affect the stylish aesthetic of your loft conversion stairs.

Bespoke loft staircase

Bespoke options of loft conversion stairs are more costly than the pre-made choices, but a specialist Joiner will physically make your staircase to the exact specifications and your requirements. The results are sure to be fantastic. Your space will be utilised efficiently and you will have a unique, stylish staircase that will last a lifetime!

Loft Stairs for Small Spaces

Where space is tight, you may be able to opt for a non-traditional staircase when you’re looking for loft stairs for small spaces.

  • Alternating tread staircase. 

This is a staircase where part of the tread is cut away. is only used when there isn’t enough space for a traditional staircase. It has to have handrails on each side, and uniform steps with slip-resistant treads. 

  • Spiral staircase

Spiral staircases are excellent at limiting wasted space, they have a compact design and they are easy to install. They also look great and are very cost-effective.

  •  Ladder stairs 

Ladder stairs or ship ladder stairs are very steep stairs used for tight spaces and small houses. They are very space-efficient and can be built in many varied designs. Due to their simple design, ladder staircases are very cost-efficient.

  • Fixed ladder

When space is really tight homeowners go with a ladder fixed in place. It cannot be a retractable ladder, it must have handrails on both sides and can only be used for a single-room conversion.

modern dark with natural wood stairs to loft

How To Choose A Loft Ladder

If loft ladders are installed really well and regularly maintained, they can last for years. But, if for any reason you feel unsafe on your ladder, or it feels wobbly or loose then it might be time to replace it. You may ask “Which loft ladder is best?” It depends upon your personal preference, how cautious a climber you are and physical factors such as If you have mobility issues. The best way to choose is to try the ladder out, it is important to buy a ladder that feels secure as you climb it.

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